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  • August 2010: Yuri Quintana presents an invited talk on the topic "Cancer and the Internet" at the UICC World Cancer Congress in Shenzhen, China. A research paper on palliative care is published: "Availability of palliative care services for children with cancer in economically diverse regions of the world" (pubmed citation). A POND4Kids global cancer registry study is initiated with a focus on data collection methods and quality indicators. Yuri signs up to run as a St. Jude Hero for children with cancer worldwide.

  • July 2010: The Cure4Kids for Kids web site ( has been accessed by users in 100 countries. The Cure4Kids ( for health professionals has been accessed 3.7 million times by 24,000 users in 175 countries.

  • June 2010: Over 70 teachers from the Mid-South USA attend a Cancer Education Day at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. This community education outreach program has now reached over 1800 students in 8 local elementary, middle and high schools. The program is piloted for the first time in Europe at an elementary school near Barcelona, Spain with books in Catalan. A Healthy Living book for children is released in English and Catalan. Spanish translation in progress.

  • May 2010: Cure4Kids has surpased 3.5 million educatonal downloads and has over 22,000 health professionals in 174 countries making it one of the largest global health collaborations networks in the world for pediatricians and oncologists.

  • May 2010: POND4Kids our cancer records database is used in 150 pediatric oncology clinics worldwide - global collaboration is key!

  • April 2010: Cure4Kids team hosted over 60 teachers and professionals to brainstorm on innovations in health and science education for schools and for the public. Over 1400 students have participated in this program. Over 90 countries have visited the web site

  • March 2010: Yuri Quintana will participate in the European Union eHealth Conference 2010 / World Health IT Conference

  • Feb 2010: Cure4Kids hosted a global webcast for World Cancer Day Feb 4th, 2010.

  • Jan 2010: reaches over 21,000 users in 172 countries, over 3 million downloads, making it one of the largest health education networks in the world. (Jan 2009)

  • Dec 2009: Yuri and Nicolas run the St. Jude Hero 5K race in 30 minutes. Nicolas places third in his division. We raise over $1400 for St. Jude. (Dec 2009)

  • Jan 2009: Oncopedia profiled in St. Jude Promise Magazine. (Jan 2009)

  • April 2009: Invited talk at Allergen Research Network. (April 2009)

  • April 2009: Invited talk at Tennessee Cancer Coalition Conference. (April 2009)

  • First Teachers Summit on Cancer Awareness held at St. Jude with local teachers, community agencies, and St. Jude staff. (April 2009)

  • Yuri and son Nicolas run a 5K Easter Run to raise money for children's causes. (30:41) (April 2009)

  • Cure4Kids and Oncopedia presented at Information Architecture Summit (March 2009)

  • Cure4Kids Global Webcast on retinoblastoma conducted in collaboration with the European Society for Oncology (Feb 2009)

  • Cure4Kids Global Webcast held to support UICC World Cancer Day to celebrate "I love my healthy active childhood" (February 2009)

  • St. Jude Community Outreach Program launched to help educate children about cancer, healthy living lifestyle, and increase interest in science. Conducted a successful pilot at a Grade 4 school in Memphis, TN. (December 2008)

  • Dr. Quintana profiled in Univ. of Waterloo Alumni Magazine. See article in PDF) (December 2008)

  • Cure4Kids 2008 Awards. A very successful year! (December 2008).

  • Father and Son run 5K as St. Jude Heroes - finish in 33:21. Please Sponsor Yuri or Nicolas as St. Jude Heroes (see video)

  • Cure4Kids receives the Silver Award at the 2008 Strategic e-HealthCare Award. Over 1,100 entries were received from a wide range of healthcare organizations. Award was announced at the Twelfth Annual Healthcare Internet Conference. (November 2008). See all 2008 Cure4Kids Awards.

  • achieves over 2 million educational downloads worldwide, supporting pediatric cancer professionals in 164 Countries. (October 2008)

  • Cure4Kids wins the Gold W3 Web Award in Education Category. The W³ is sanctioned and judged by the International Academy of the Visual Arts, an invitation-only body consisting of top-tier professionals from a “Who’s Who” of acclaimed media, interactive, advertising and marketing firms. (October 2008)

  • Cure4Kids for Kids is initiated to bring cancer education and healthy living programs to school-aged children. (October 2008)

  • Dr. Quintana presents Oncopedia, the user collaborative wiki on Cure4Kids, at the American Association for Cancer Education Conference. (October 2008)

  • Dr. Yuri Quintana presents POND4Kids at the SIOP congress in Berlin, Germany. POND4Kids is a web-based medical record database used in over 70 pediatric cancer centers. SIOP educational content is also hosted on Cure4Kids. (October 2008)

  • Dr. Yuri Quintana presents an invited seminar in the Cancer on the Internet session at the UICC World Cancer Congress in Geneva, Switzerland (August 2008)

  • Cure4Kids reaches 15,000 health professionals in 162 countries - You can plot the growth of users on a world map, or see users by country (August 2008)

  • Dr. Yuri Quintana visits the United Nations International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in Vienna, Austria as an invited expert to develop strategic recommendations for global e-learning and training for radiation oncology professionals (May 2008),2008)

  • Cure4Kids reaches 12650 health professionals in 158 countries (December 2007)

  • Cure4Kids wins the 2007 e-Healthcare Leadership Distinction Award in the Best Overall Internet Site category. (November 2007)

  • Dr. Yuri Quintana launches Cure4Kids Innovation Labs for developing global innovations and collaborations in technology and health (October 2007)

  • Dr. Yuri Quintana gives an invited talk at the Fed/Ex Institute of Technology and presents at the American Cancer Education Conference (October 2007)

  • Cure4Kids content is now on iTunes (Sept 2007)

  • Cure4Kids has users in 157 countries (Aug 2007)

  • Dr. Yuri Quintana gives an invited talk at Harvard Medical School (July 2007)

  • Cure4Kids wins St. Jude Clinical Improvement Award (June 2007)

  • Dr. Yuri Quintana appointed as Adjunct Associate Professor, School of Health Information Science, University of Victoria. (June 2007)

  • Cure4Kids releases Oncopedia - inspired by Wikipedia (June 2007)

  • New Multimedia Slideshows (June 2007)

  • Cure4Kids Hosts Denge Fever Online Event (May 2007)
    Over 60 participants from 10 countries took part in this global event.

  • Cure4Kids surpasses 1 million items downloaded and over 10,000 users from 156 countries (April 2007)

  • Dr. Quintana presents Cure4Kids, POND4Kids, and chairs Telemedicine Panel at ITCH 2007 Conference (Feb 2007)

  • Cure4Kids reaches 9564 Users in 155 Countries! (Feb 22 2007)

  • Dr. Quintana presented at Cancer on the Internet Conference (July 10, 2006)

  • Cure4Kids reaches 7300 users in 151 countries (July 1, 2006)

  • Cure4Kids for Kids was launched - a program to teach children about cancer and healthy living. (April 2006)

  • More What's New Updates .....
About Dr. Yuri Quintana

Dr. Yuri Quintana is the Director for Education and Informatics in the International Outreach Program at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital where he directs several e-health and e-learning projects used by thousands of health professionals. Dr. Quintana has led multi-disciplinary teams in projects that combine engineering, informatics, health, and education. Dr. Quintana is currently focused on the development of innovative Internet technologies that empower communities of health care professionals and consumers to communicate, learn and collaborate on a worldwide basis. Dr. Quintana has engineering graduate degrees from the University of Waterloo and has worked in industry, academia, hospitals, and with health organizations. (See biographical sketch)

Current Projects

Dr. Quintana is currently developing several global online networks. Cure4Kids is a web-based learning and collaboration network used in 151 countries by thousands of health professionals. Pond4Kids is a web-based medical record system for collaborative pediatric cancer research used in over 20 countries. Consult4Kids is a web-based second-opinion system used by health professionals for pediatric cancer and transplant cases. (More on current projects). Dr. Quintana's current research projects are focused on the design of new integrated systems for online collaboration, education and information retrieval. (More on current research)


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